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March 25th, 2020


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If you would like to receive the Word and Sacrament in your home to make sure your faith remains strong and your inner peace and faith controls your outlook, please call me at 1-516-477-1770.  Let us know what is happening with your family so we can keep caught up as if we were at church.

What a brand-new world we live in.  Psalm 91 read and digest often.  I do every day!


Blessings and peace,

Pastor Nowak







Matthew 28:1-10

A well-dressed gentleman was standing in front of the display window of an art store, looking at a painting of the Crucifixion. As he stood there, a little boy in dirty blue jeans and a tattered sweatshirt walked up and stood beside himalso intent on the painting.

Pointing to the picture, the man asked the boy: "Do you know who that is, hanging on the cross?" "Oh, yes, sir," came the quick response, "that's the Savior."

And as he spoke, the small boy's eyes showed surprise and pity at the ignorance of the unknown gentleman. Then, after a pause, with an evident desire to enlighten the man, he added: "Them's the soldiers, the Roman soldiers," and with a long sigh, "that lady crying there is His mother."

After another brief moment of silence, he added: "They killed Him, mister. They killed Him."

Together they studied the painting in silence until finally the man tousled the boy's hair affectionately and walked away, disappearing into the crowd.

He had turned a corner and walked a half a block when suddenly he heard the shrill voice of the boy, who was making his way through the crowd: "Hey, mister! Mister!"

He turned and waited for the eager youngster to catch up with him. Almost out of breath, the boy panted his excited information: "I wanted to tell you, He rose again! He rose again!" What a Message!

Whether the little boy realized it or not, he would never again in all his life deliver a message of greater importance. No sputnik, no satellite, no landing on the moon, no interplanetary travel would ever provide a more important headline than the one his youthful lips had just formed: "Hey mister! He rose again!"

God's greatest message to each of us this Easter Season, indeed to everyone in every season, is the message of His Son, whether it be formed on the lips of an eager youngster"They killed Him! He rose again!”—or by the pen of His inspired apostle: "He was delivered for our offenses and was raised again for our justification!" (Rom. 4:25).

This is God's richest blessing to each of you as we prepare our hearts for the celebration of Easter the highest point in our church year, and the queen of feasts—“He rose again.”

Surely this is news too good to keep! The Son of God who was dead is gloriously alive. And we have His pledge and promise that because He lives, we, too, shall live. Could the God of heaven have given us any headline more thrilling, more electrifying, more worthy of being shouted from the housetops, more worthy as the most precious of gifts to be shared among our family and friendsnot only on Easter morning but on every morning of the year?

As we leave worship on Easter morningon every Sundaymay our hearts be bursting with the ineffable joy of our Savior's resurrection. And may that joy find eloquent expression in our daily livesa burning desire to share this most precious of gifts—“He rose again!”

Then we shall experience the holy rapture of the poet who exclaimed: “Oh, that I had a thousand voices To praise my God with thousand tongues! My heart, which in the Lord rejoices, Would then proclaim in grateful songs To all, wherever I might be, What great things God hath done for me”.

A most blessed and joyous Easter to each of you!


In Christ, the Gift to be shared,

Pastor Nowak 

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