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Students Sign Up 2019/2020



My child’s name _______________________________  Birthdate _____________


Siblings: ___________________________________________________________


My child’s Baptism date ____________________________________


Name(s) of parent(s) or accompanying adult(s) _________________________________


Address ___________________________________________________________


Home phone ___________________E-mail ________________________


Cell phone _____________________


My child’s important information (can be special diet, likes, concerns)





We often take photos to help publicize and share (both in print and on the Web) our church’s ministry.


_____ Yes, I (we) give permission to use photos of our family members in print and on the church’s web site.


_____   No


Signature ___________________________________________________________


Date ________________




Operation Mission Quilts

The Quilters' finished up a quilt during Holy week that represented the spirit of Easter.

A great use of plastic bags! These are plastic mats that have been made by LWML ladies at church.  They are being sent to Orphan Grain Train. 


Monona Community Blood Drive