Monona Ev. Lutheran LWML met the Challenge for the 80th LWML Anniversary of the SouthrenWisconsin LWML Gathering to beheld Sat. June 18th at St. Paul's Lutheran in Grafton. The Monona LWML completed 80+ pillowcase dresses for the event.

Our Savior Lutheran Deaf Church - Food Kitchen


Volunteers helping to create meals for homeless living in the palate homes near the church every Sunday. The meal can be eaten at the church or carried-out. The food is provided by Second-Harvest and with mission money  from the SW District

Operation Mission Quilts

The Quilters' finished up a quilt during Holy week that represented the spirit of Easter.

A great use of plastic bags! These are plastic mats that have been made by LWML ladies at church.  They are being sent to Orphan Grain Train.